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Do you have a fear of frocks & high heel shoes? Meet the fabulous Suzi Dent.

Posted on February 21 2018

I always have a great time when I catch up with Suzi, she's one of those people who is so open and fun you can't help but feel inspired.

For my last blog on fashion, ageing and style she's is the perfect candidate to round off the conversation. As a women entering her first pageant at 55, she was taking on something so many of us would never have considered doing!

Suzi in her swimmers


I met Suzi after she won the title of Mrs Earth Australia (I'd been approached by the director to make prizes for the winners). Quite frankly I didn't know what the contestants would be like, so it was a lesson in not making assumptions when I eventually met Suzi.


*Here she is in Las Vegas pictured in the swimmers we designed and made together for the swim and active wear section. As it wasn't a skimpy bikini or the 'usual' activewear it took the section to a whole new level.* 


Suzi openly admits that she was a tomboy before entering the pageant, with a fear of frocks and high heel shoes. So why did she enter then? Here's what she had to about the experience.

 So why?

After being married for 26 years to her best friend, he became caught in a spiral of depression and anxiety. She tried her best to help yet nothing seemed to make things better. In a sliding door moment she realised that to change her environment, she had to change herself. Without a clue on what or how she would do this she put her intention out to the universe.

Two weeks later she received a completely random email from the director of Mrs Earth Australia asking her to enter. Her initial reaction was to laugh until she cried. Why would a 55 year old, pants wearing woman even think about entering?

However, because she really believes in paying attention to the messages life sends she thought:

'If life needs me to wear a frock and a pair of heels to save my husband and raise awareness for charity, then that's what I'll have to do.'

And THAT"S exactly what she did.

Suzi went on to win the title of Mrs Earth Australia and then after travelling to Las Vegas for the world titles gained 3rd place and Mrs Earth Health out of a field of contestants where one was older than her and most of the others were young enough to be her daughters.

Throughout the process her husband supported and helped her and this in turn helped him overcome his anxiety.

Since then she's raised awareness and valuable resources for the charities she's involved with and begun a career as a motivational speaker after being a hair and makeup artist her whole life. Using her platform to inspire other women and men who are feeling 'stuck' to be brave and take on a challenge to reinvigorate their lives.

Suzi Dent Age is just a number

 So as I come to the conclusion of this series about Fashion, ageing and style What I've gathered from the conversations around these ideas are that they are simply that!


We choose to hold onto that can shape the way we be in the world. If you are feeling stuck or uninvigorated it could be life telling you it's time to shake things up. On the other hand if you're feeling inspired and content with life then you should look at this as confirmation that you're doing the right thing.

Wherever you may be or however you're feeling right now I want you to know that you are fabulous as who you are. 


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  • Katrina Gudgeon: February 22, 2018

    Thanks so much Tiffany and Marie-France. I’m soo glad you love the story. Suzi is quite the awesome lady, so it was easy to write about her.

    I’ve been considering adding the swimmers in the range as they’ve had lots of positive comments. If you think I should let me know in your comments!


  • Tiffany: February 21, 2018

    Fabulous story Katrina.. love the swimmers…they look comfortable!

  • Marie-France Rose: February 21, 2018

    Great story congratulations! You are doing a great job !

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