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Ethical or 'not so' ethical...that is the question!

Posted on July 06 2018

Hi there,

This blog series, I've decided to dive on into a subject that has been tweaking at my mind for a while now. You know the kind of thing,

'Tap,tap...hmmmm..not sure about this???' That kind of tweaking.

Anyway, I'm just guessing this, but it may be something that has crossed your mind too. If only fleetingly, maybe after seeing a particular news article, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter post.

The topic is around the ethics of ethical clothing production. I find myself struggling sometimes with the actual reality of it, especially when it has the words 'created by local artisans' attached.

There's a whole bunch of levels you can go to on this and I'm not going to get too pinicketty. But, as you're intelligent and amazing I'm sure you wouldn't mind being a bit more informed on what it all means.

Trust me here, it's not going to be all gloom and doom.

There are some fantastically amazing brands out there doing great things to bring about change and I'm going to do my best to introduce some to you.

Also, we should keep in mind that just last year the ethical and sustainable fashion industry was described as being like organic food 15 years ago, an industry which is today worth billions of dollars annually to Australia alone.

Unlike organic food, this fantastic fashion movement has the connectivity through social media and internet that wasn't available back then. So it's growth is set to sky rocket!

Ethical swimwear

So that's where the next series is headed.

I'll cover everything from the what it literally means to...well...some of the more shadier and less easily interpreted concepts on what it really means be an ethical manufacturer. While along the way introducing you to brands and people that I find inspiring and I hope you do to.

Just a quick note before I close off I'm about to begin designing the next range which I've called 'Phoenix Resort'. It's named in honour of all the incredible women and mothers I've met who rise up out of the flames of adversity sometimes time and time again to be the incredible person they were born to be.

So, if you relate, this range is for you. If you have ideas for swimwear or sun protective clothing you'd like to own that could be part of the range then please get leave your ideas in the comments below.

As always I love to hear from you,

xo Katrina

PS As the very first fashion queen I ever loved says 'Buy less, choose well'

PSS. Some of the basics in the Oceania range will be leaving us so if you have had your eye on something them now would be the best time to jump on over and buy it as it may not be part of the range soon.


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