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It's about time! Don't you think?

Posted on November 22 2017

There's a whole lot of 'about time' things happening in the world at the moment, especially in the fashion industry. As a sunsafe clothing and swimwear brand whose mission is to create designs that make women over 35 feel gorgeous I've decided to take on some of fashions standard beliefs and blow them out of the water one at a time.

With Summer only 2 weeks away, I thought I would tackle this one first.....

WHY has it taken so long for anyone to create attractive spf sun protection clothing for women??? 

 Do you remember ads like this one?

suntan imageWhen I was a girl growing up in the 70's and 80's regular scorching from the sun and the resulting sunburn was just what you did - all summer long.                                               I bet you can relate to having slathered coconut oil on in the hope of achieving that golden tan......and if there was no coconut oil, baby oil would do just fine or maybe Tahitian Tan which keeps you 'several shades ahead of your friends.'   This ad is from the late 70s, so as you can see (and probably remember) it wasn't that long ago the whole concept of how women spent time in the sun was the complete opposite to how we feel about it now. 

As a very pale skinned person I was doomed to never reach such tanning heights and become the Tahitian Tan Girl, maybe it was the same for you?

We have to admit though, spending all those long long Summers days at the beach or just outside doing stuff with friends was so good! It became a part of our lifestyle, a part of who we are. It stirs up all kinds of wonderful memories and feelings.


Now let's fast forward to 2017 and we've realised that cooking our skin back then was not a good idea at all. But we're torn because having lived a carefree life outside in the sun when we were younger has given us a deep love of being the outdoors. We don't want to it give up. 

It wasn't until the 1980s we began to realise how much damage the sun actually does to our skin and since then we've been forcing children to put on sun protection tops but we would never be caught wearing one? NO way!! I believe there are two reasons. The first is we still have the deep set belief it's daggy and lets face it most sun protective clothing is!

The second reason is those things are just not designed for womens bodies, everything about them is function and not fashion and this in turn solidifies the first belief.

Womens bodies are so varied in size and shape that a tube of shiny lycra is not going to cut it when it comes to sun protective clothing options, no matter how much we all know we should be covering up. We also don't want to be dressing like a toddler, so simply making the same top except bigger is not okay either.

And this is why it took so long..

It wasn't until the last 5 years with the creation of some of the most groundbreaking fabrics ever made the doors opened to a whole new level of what fabrics are on offer to make sun protection. Paving the way for brands to start making what women really want and need to protect their skin because the choice of fabrics to make them from has become much broader.

This is why I've stepped in and launch the brand Everybody Sun & Swimwear. Having faced this dilemma of loving the outdoors but not the sunburn myself and having friends who are in the same boat I decided to channel my 20 odd years of designing and making individual garments into a brand that would be all about women over 35, women of all shapes and sizes, women who want to spend time outside having fun without getting burnt.  

I hope you enjoy this first range, it's just the beginning.

Here's to those long long Summers days!


Sun Protection Clothing Range

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  • Patrea: November 27, 2017

    Hi Katrina, I think your first blog is fabulous – just like you and your clothing! You write like a marketing guru, yet you are so truly authentic and such a go-getter of a person. Keep up the great work. And I’m looking forward to my Christmas order :) Thank-you.

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