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Summer Series - Introducing beautiful Jane Sagi.

Posted on January 18 2018

How could we not include a blog interview with the woman who brought our Summer 2017/18 campaign alive?

It took me nearly 2 weeks to find Jane, I trawled through countless modelling agent websites. None of them had women over 25 years old.

This wasn't going to be easy! I wanted a woman in her 40s'.

Then I was told that I shouldn't use a woman in my target age, I should use one at least 10 years younger so my customers will aspire to her. I really don't know how you feel about this, but, I'm tired of seeing young models in clothes for women over 35, it looks, well, silly!

It doesn't create aspiration for me, more frustration!

I then turned to acting agencies, the variety was a better but I wanted an experienced model. So by the time I by chance found the Reel Management Models site it was time to do a happy dance.

What a power house Jane is.

At a luscious 51 years Jane has been modelling since she was 16, so I thought there is noone better to ask a few questions about the modelling industry.

Q1. What changes have you seen in the fashion industry since you first began modelling? 

Internet and social media!! Wasn’t around when I was young.. Fashion style has come full circle as it repeats some times but what’s different is awareness of ethics and recycling when it comes to fabric.. saving our precious earth 😊

Q2. Are there any myths you’ve heard about the modelling industry that you would like to debunk or agree with?

Some truth in “its who you know” as it can be very tight and knowing the right people helps..and you will definitely be booked more for jobs if you have great manners and are always on time.. old fashioned way will always shine..

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Q3. What changes would you like to see in the industry over the years to come? 

Real size happy models used instead of size 6 with a vague look on their face.. 

Q4. Are there any words of wisdom that you would like to tell young people thinking of modelling?

Finish your degree first if you’re studying so you have something to fall back on if modelling isn’t for you. Be ready for rejection as this happens a lot when being casted for jobs.. it’s never personal as every client already knows what or who they are looking for.. ensure you are fit and healthy but don’t starve yourself.. ever!! No industry is worth it.

Q5. Anything else you’ld like to say?

I have been blessed to have worked in the industry and still do at the age of 51.. I used to think growing old was scary but it’s an absolute honour and a blessing.. stay active, drink more water than wine and laugh.. and keep your beautiful skin protected by everybody sun & swimwear products..Xx 

Over the two days of the photo shoot with Kate Nutt Photography we had an absolute ball! It was a real honour to have worked with such a professional and fun group of people.
The feedback from some of you is also testament to the theory that you too are ready for some real age, real size models to start hitting the catwalks and fashion promotional material.
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  • Katrina Gudgeon: February 12, 2018

    Thanks for your great comment Patrea! Sorry it took me so long to respond I’ve trying to work out how reply to you.
    You do make a great point, who did think that young girls could sell to older women?

  • Patrea: January 18, 2018

    Here’s to more “Real size happy models”. Honestly, skinny young teens with a pouty mouth is not at all appealing and I have no idea who thought that was a good look. May happy real sized models get more work!!

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