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Fashion, ageing and style. What do you believe?

Posted on February 12 2018

Ever since I went to the Fashion Forum at the Arts Centre on the Gold Coast (which by the way has been renamed HOTA or Home of the Arts with the new outdoor precinct opening up), I've been thinking about the  HOT topics of the forum and that was ageing, fashion and style and the preconceived ideas we have around this.

The keynote speaker, if you want to call him that as it was very informal, was a man you may have heard of called Ari Seth Cohen. He has been blogging about and photographing the wonderfully flamboyant style dames of New York and now includes women (and some men) from around the world. 

His passion to do this was ignited in him as a child whose best friend was his grandmother. Her zest for life inspired him then as it does today. He has now written two books and created a documentary around his work.

Here is but one example of his immense body of work:

Alida NYC- photo courtesy of Ari Seth Cohen

Alida NYC. photo Ari Seth Cohen

The reason why I find this take on age, fashion and style so interesting is not only because of the fabulous style of his subjects. But more because when these women talk about the 'why' behind their style it all boils down to one thing. And it's;

Not wanting to keep up with fashion trends that are 'happening' at the moment.

Not wanting to look younger and

definitely not about keep up appearances to please others.

The source of their inspiration is their undeniable zest for living life to it's fullest and using each day to express this. No 'tone it down' to suit someone elses' idea of how they should look or behave 'at their age'.

It got me thinking, here I am at 47 and when I take an honest look at how I choose to express myself I realise that I have over time 'toned' myself down. Not just fashion wise (I have always been a rather out there dresser) but in the way I present myself to the world in lots of other more subtle ways. It's also made me realise that I don't feel as invigorated because I've done this. It's also made me think about how this is the very core reason why women over the age of 40 are invisible. 

Now I'm not suggesting we should all dress with flair and flamboyance but, I'm just wondering....

"Have you toned yourself down?" If your answer is yes for whatever reason and wherever in your life, I urge you to really dive in deep and ask yourself "Does this make me happy?"

If the answer to this is No, then I urge you to start to find ways to change this and believe me, I'm joining you on this journey, first stop my wardrobe!  

However, if you answered Yes your happy with who you are and how you express yourself in to the world, then I just want you to know I admire you for not taking the path more commonly trodden.

Whatever your answer is to the above questions I'm curious to know, do you think there is an age and place for toning down the way you are in the world?

So please leave a comment and if there is a way you've decided you'd like to change to reignite your zest for life in ANY way pop that in too.


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PSS The feature image is of 64 year old Lyn Slater, you can visit her site to find out more about her here >>Accidental Icon


  • Patrea O'Donoghue: February 12, 2018

    Hi Katrina, another great article! This year I have injected more colour into my wardrobe than I have for a while! I bought a bright floral lightweight cotton/silk dress (it has been a very hot summer), a pink top with pink jeans, and a mint-green jacket which is amazing with my natural white/grey hair. And I’m loving the colour – even just hanging in my wardrobe brightens up the space!
    However, whilst clothes and how we present ourselves to the world may play a role in how visible or otherwise we may be, I think there is no substitute for a big genuine smile across one’s face to make you stand out from the crowd. Our attitude and perspective we take of the world is conveyed in our face and how we carry ourselves. Besides, if people don’t see you, or don’t see who you are, are they really the people you’d want in your life anyway??
    Bring on the smiles (and some colour) and take on the world!

  • Maree Pouloudis: February 12, 2018

    Hi Katrina. Well I have always like bright colours and prob went through a stage in my 30’s actually where I didn’t wear a lot of brightness. I will be 50 in a few weeks. I still love bright colours and florals. However I don’t really enjoy shopping as I feel a lot of the clothing out there is for the younger generation or older generation. I can never seem to find something in between. Having said that I did find a nice bright dress just before Christmas and I wear it to death. I love to dance and take any opportunity to get on the dance floor. My 50th birthday party is all about having a good time and singing and dancing.
    I have always sung around the house and danced. My kids at 18 1/2 (girl) and 17 (boy) still do this. Age is just a number. That is how I look at it. I love life. No one needs to tone down. I will still be singing and dancing until I can’t anymore and anyone who says we should well they aren’t enjoying life x

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