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We're celebrating and here's why.....

Posted on August 11 2018

Hi there,
It's time to celebrate and not just because it's the weekend!!!
It's because I have some really great news that I think you're going to love.
#NO. 1 exciting news;
Everybody Sun & Swimwear has been featured in a book that's so newly published it's still hot from the press. The book's called Switch on Sustainability and has been written by an amazing woman called Liz O'Dwyer. 

She created the book to give people wanting to make positive change in their lives for a more sustainable future a short cut.
For her it's been a 20 year journey!

How cool is that?? All the hard yards are done, you just need to follow the manual (so to speak).
It's truly such an honour to be included in a book so well researched and so in tune with the values we hold dear here at Everybody Sun & Swimwear HQ that I want to send out a HUGE thank you to Liz for including us.
If you'ld love a copy (either e-book or hard copy are available) you can visit the website where you can buy it by clicking this link>>>

Switch on Sustainability


#NO. 2 exciting news;
I've started teaching sustainable fashion techniques in my local town at the community centre. It's a hands on course where I teach students to Remake, Recycle and Repair (that's what it's called) their clothing.

Why I started this course was to show just how easy it is to divert some of the 6000 kilograms of clothing that's thrown into landfill each DAY in Australia and turn it into wearable clothing or usable items. So far the response has been fantastic. I feel blessed to have such enthusiastic and inspiring students. 
I'm having so much fun, I'll definitely be running it again.

Truly, I'm so damned excited to share this news,

I want to do something LARGE to celebrate.
That's why I've decided to...

*GIVEAWAY a cape scarf pack valued at $30
* A 30% discount on your entire order 
to the next 10 orders that come through.

I know, there's a bunch of you either heading to warmer climates in the not-to-distant future or wanting to get ready for the simmering Summer holidays here in the Southern hemisphere and I'm sure you'll want to jump on this pronto!
So I'll give you the code to enter at the checkout straight's...CELEBRATE30

sun protective scarf               sun protection scarf

Here's just a bit of info about our sumptuous Cape scarf....Over 1 mitre long, the Cape Scarf is the most convenient piece of sun protection clothing you'll ever own. It's shape is designed to provide stylish 50+ UPF coverage for your chest & neck. The scarf pack comes with a handy drawstring bag which keeps it clean and compact. It's so lightweight you can store it in your hand bag or glovebox to use anytime. There's 8 colours to choose from to suit you and your lifestyle.

When I started Everybody Sun & Swimwear I never imagined that it would be included in a book or that I would get the opportunity to teach what I know and am completely and totally passionate about. I have to pinch myself to register it's real!

Before I go I'll just quickly give you the link to our website so you can celebrate with us and grab our offer. Here it is>>

I hope you're having a great day,


You don't need to include a scarf pack in your order it'll be included for you. Simply select the items you want to buy from the range of sun protective clothing and swimwear, go to the checkout and enter the code CELEBRATE30. Your 30% discount will be applied and we'll take care of the rest! Here's the link that will take you to our website>

Offer ends Wednesday 14th August 2018 Midnight.


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