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Hi there,
My name’s Katrina, the designer & founder.
Everybody Sun & Swimwear is sun protective clothing & swimwear unlike any you've seen before. Designed to make women look and feel beautiful while they enjoy time outside.
I began creating and sewing my own designs when I was 12 years old, not being happy with what was available and having to make any bought clothes longer to fit my lanky arms and legs, because I was so tall. This forced me think outside the box and find interesting solutions when designing or changing clothes to suit me. 
I've since studied fashion, worked for numerous small run brands and always had a dressmaking studio while raising my four kids.
About four years ago people started asking me to create sun protective clothing for them that was not like rash shirts. Something that suited their body shape and lifestyle. So I set to work and created a small range that was immediately loved by everyone.
After that my mission was clear! I set about creating the most lightweight, easy wear, easy care and importantly most STYLISH sun protective clothing I could. Resulting in a signature range of ponchos, tops, skirts, pantsscarves and accessories called the Oceania range named after the gorgeous region of the world I live in.
I love being outside with people I love (or just being outside actually). It's such an important part of all our lives, yet as we age we find it harder as we seem to get sunburnt so easily.
And it's not just the usual things like going to the beach or hanging out by the pool that are times our precious skin gets burnt is it?
It's also while doing everyday things like;
*driving the car,
*going to barbecues,
*watching sports or
*enjoying markets, music and food festivals.
Everybody Sun & Swimwear, gives you real options so you can enjoy true freedom from sun burn while feeling and looking beautiful.  
In the last 6 months I've begun to design and make swimwear. Again, from being asked to create something that provides coverage and comfort while still being fun and flattering to wear. All swimmers are designed with no padding or underwires, less elastic and I use the most sustainably produced Lycra available in the world. 
As Everybody Sun & Swimwear grows new designs will be added to both the sun protective and swimwear collections, giving you even more beautiful choices.
I'm also creating a studio atelier employing local Mums and women as we will always be proudly ethically and Australian made.
It's time to make the outdoors yours and stay covered in style with sun protective clothing and swimwear like you've never seen before.
Here's to living a life free from sunburn!
PS. Before I go, I just want to ask...Are you nervous ordering clothes online because every brand has different sizing?
If you answered 'YES!"  I have just the thing for you, an easy to follow measurement guide and sizing chart. If you'd like to know your basic measurements so you can confidently order your correct size from any online store, put your details into the pop up or get in touch and I'll send you one by clicking here
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